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02 June 2009 @ 08:39 pm
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20 October 2008 @ 08:00 pm
I just got back home from work, and I stopped off at the Whole Foods (grocery store) to pick up a few things, and to see if they had my favorite in stock, their premade cherry pie. They have always had two kinds of cherry pie, the vegan kind and the non-vegan. The last time I had their vegan cherry pie was over a year ago, and I had a craving for it again. I'm not big on fruit pies. ANYWAY, to make a long story short, I am an angry vegan. The last 3 times I've been in Whole Foods searching for this pie, it has not been in stock. Now, I am an understanding person. If they are sold out of something, that's fine, I can come back later. I live down the block from the Whole Foods, no big deal. However, I am fairly sure they have just stopped carrying it altogether. They only stock the non-vegan cherry pie. The cherry pie that would be vegan, if not for the butter they put in the crust for some odd reason. WHY. All I want to know is WHY. It takes $1, $3 bucks MAX to make the vegan cherry pie; it wasn't even baked that well. The dough on the vegan pie wasn't cooked and crispy, it was doughy and soft, so it wouldn't hurt to make a couple of them and sit them out. Just crust, filling, more crust on top... done! What the fuck Whole Foods?! Look, I'm not trying to sound ungrateful. Lord knows I appreciate the vegan hot meals you offer, and the vegan side dishes, etc. Hell, I almost bought some tofu meatloaf from you today. I also spotted some frozen vegan apple and pumpkin pies. Nice. BUT WHERE'S MY CHERRY?!?!
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10 October 2008 @ 09:54 am
I think of him whenever I hear this song::

.. except replace "she" and "her" with "he" and "him" ^_^

27 September 2008 @ 01:04 pm

You're so, so, so 「 hot hot 」

As scientists are in Switzerland trying to recreate the Big Bang, girls in America are trying to procreate with Big Bang determine once and for all if certain levels of male cuteness can be considered toxic. As is well known, cuteness levels (varying excretions of the cute hormone YES, Yeppoyo Estrone Steroid) produce varying reactions, and it mostly occurs in females of childbearing age. The victim is typically affected by bouts of intense screaming, and in rare cases, fainting spells. Neither of these reactions are considered life threatening. This occurrence is known as General Fangirling Syndrome (GFS).

The purpose of this particular study is a recent incident where a male subject produced such high levels of cuteness that the victim displayed radical reactions atypical of those experiencing a normal GFS attack. May I present Exhibit A:

Please pay close attention to frame 0:53 on. It is apparent that the subject, one Mr. Lee Donghae is familiar with the dance moves, however, he is not an expert at executing them. In normal males this would detract from cuteness levels, but in the case of Mr. Lee, it apparently has the opposite effect. The standard move of swaying side to side has been studied previously in the prestigious Journal Of Boyband Dance Moves (their most infamous study being "Pelvic Thrusts and the GFS Link", where it was discovered that pelvic thrusts actually created the GFS epidemic in the early 1980's), but no effects as drastic as what our victim experienced were recorded. The victim in our study formed a grin that measured 5 inches across, her eyes glazed over and she began to babble incoherently, finally ending with a spazz attack where she wrote a faux medical report. All signs pointed to impending DBC *. This lends to one of two theories: Mr. Lee exudes an unhealthy amount of the YES hormone, or the act of not being very good at certain dance moves actually increases a victim's vulnerability to a GFS attack. Perhaps both factors were at work simultaneously, in which case we may need to conduct further studies to ensure no mutations are possible.

Please stay tuned for part two of the Cute Toxicity Levels Study (CTLS). Feel free to present your own evidence as part of this study, any and all participation is encouraged.

* No cases of Death-By-Cuteness have ever been recorded. Many scientists consider it to be an urban legend; new studies are being performed as of the date of publication.
16 August 2008 @ 12:11 am
The boys are nominated for an Mnet award ^.^ Let's all register to vote, shall we?

screw obama and mc cain, SUPER JUNIOR '08!Collapse )
02 August 2008 @ 11:38 pm
And now, I present to you, the moment you've all been waiting for, Super Junior @ the MTV Asia Awards.

44 delicious megabytes of Korean Boyband, now with 10% more Shinglish!Collapse )

Nah, I didn't record it, how I wish. That credit goes to this awesome chick, I suppose. It's in mp4 format, so you can watch it on Quicktime or put it on your iPod. I'm working on getting a mpeg version going. I'm going to try to get some .gifs here in a minute too, but my body still hasn't fully recovered from being bombarded by the AWESOME, so forgive me if it takes a while. I'll definitely post all the goodies in my journal so if you add me you can check it out there too ^.^
02 August 2008 @ 10:55 pm
This was provoked by Suju's win at the MAAs, and some of the hateful comments on a kpop gossip blog. I'll be the first to admit it comes off as somewhat rude to ELF. My apologies. It's just my personal "forever 15" mantra.

Forever 15: in my heart, mind, and iPod 24/7, 365, now and forever. Everlasting? Definitely. Friend? Of course. I am an everlasting friend, though not an ELF member. I am sane, mature, respectful, dedicated, and thrilled by Suju's success at the MAAs. I know there are more like me out there, and we will stand side by side with those who disagree with us, just for the simple fact that we have a common love. If the guys can endure all the hate and hardships, so can I. So chant anything you want, call me whatever names, deny me, ignore me, but I'll still stand next to you at the Suju concert. I'll shed tears of joy when I see them win awards. I'll stand next to you and shed tears of sadness when I see them go off to the military. I will stand next to you to welcome them back. It's okay. 괜찬아요. Stop. Think. What if there were no Super Junior tomorrow? All we would have are the memories, and I for one do not want my memories tarnished by petty bickering, bullshit, and bitterness. I don't want a memory of a kid being yelled at while playing the violin. I don't want a memory of Super Junior being less successful because of a boycott on their products. I don't want a memory of Sungmin pleading with little girls to be nice to his friends during concerts. I don't want a memory of picture after picture of the guys with grocery bags under their eyes from working + undue stress + lack of sleep. And I damn sure don't want a memory of any of the guys not being able to find true love because his girlfriend was fearful of his fanclub. The only memories I want are of happy, healthy young men. I want more good music, first experiences, new friends, and many more awards. I want more adorable reality shows like Full House. I want more clips of Ryeowook getting all cute and "skinshippy" with Henry. I want more shibrows and shispressions. I want more smiles damn it. They are giving me, us, the best years of their lives. I want to give them true friendship. The kind of friends I have, who are close to me but don't bug me, who love me but don't smother me; the friends who respect me. Everlasting friendship. Forever. All fifteen of the worlds best idols.

- neumi
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02 August 2008 @ 04:02 pm
Suju hotness picspam. Missing a lot of guys, not because of bias, mind you! Just lack of fodder on my hard drive. Punish me later.

WARNING: This is picspam at it's finest worst. Enough pics to break your computer, internet connection, and heart.

Presenting: The winners of the 2008 MTV Asia Award for Favorite Artist of Korea!Collapse )